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Anytime I see the "do not remove" tags on pillows, I always think of that episode of "Who's the Boss?" when Angela was living dangerously and one of the items on her list was to tear off one these tags, lol.  So I love this pillow!  Cindy, the owner of the Yellow Bug Boutique, has a great sense of humor and you can bring some of that home because she showcases it on some of her pillows.  She actually has a whole selection of pithy pillows.  That is also where her periodic element pillows can be found.

Aren't those just the cutest!  She spells out lots of other words, some I'm not allowed to say.  Like "chocolate".  Just saying the word makes me gain weight!  I'm sure she sold a ton of these and her other slew of adorable stuff at the Handmade Bash this year.

So how was the Handmade Bash this year? And what is it anyway? Lol

The Handmade Bash was fabulous...ok now, but what is it? Think about what you would get if you took 50 shops that sell current and trendy handmade items and combined it with a great party complete with a DJ spinning strange black discs.(which us oldies call records), a photo booth, fun decorations and a bar and then you would get the Handmade Bash.

I’ve read a bit here and there about the EtsyDallas team. Share a little with us about why you are proud to be a member.

This is my first year to be part of Etsy Dallas. I cannot think of enough positive adjectives to completely describe how wonderful this group is. There is so much combined craft/artistic, selling and marketing knowledge as well as fun and energy that this group is an unstoppable force. I am in awe of the talent of this group from one of a kind furniture masterpieces to fused glass/lamp-glass beads and everything in between. I'm just hoping no one figures out that someone goofed and let me join :)

Seriously, this group is a great resource...any problem, question or concern you might have...someone will have good advice and are more than willing to share it with you. We do 2 big shows a year, the Handmade Bash in the Spring and The Jingle Bash in November....both are great places to have a lot of fun...bring the family- there is an art and craft table for the kids and find that perfect handmade gift. The rest of the year is filled with group charity events, social gatherings and planning. It is also just great fun to mingle with people who have the same passion to create things with their hands. I always come back from an event with recharged creative batteries and a million new good ideas. I could go on and on...but then I will never get to the rest of your questions.

Instead of "Slug Bug", I play my version, which is "Hug Bug" with my boys. Although they do play the "slug bug" version with their dad, but I don’t want to get in on the slugging. Did y’all play this with your mom when you were Bug-spotting?

No, unfortunately, we didn't play slug bug growing up...I grew up with 3 sisters so I learned more about Barbies and matching your shoes with your dress than I did about physical aggression- later I had 2 boys of my own and became much more versed in hand to hand combat, Mythbusters and Estes rockets.

Looking through your sold items, your koozies seem to be steady seller. Is the neoprene hard to work with?

Koozies have been a good addition to my store because they are a lower price point than my pillows which helps expand my client base. The neoprene can be a bit challenging to work with- sometimes my sewing machine would rather eat it then sewing it together.

Possible inspiration for the Nom Nom Nom pillow?

How many of your items have made it to the sought-after Front Page?

Etsy has been very good to me...I think the count is 20 something. The front page, Storque and Etsy finds does amazing things for your views, shop hearts and sales.

I haven't even had one!  Just found my new Etsy role model.

Any thing else that you would like to add?

For a moment, I'll get on my soapbox, if you don't mind. I get a little frustrated about the negativity that sometimes hoovers around the forums. Maybe it's because I'm an old timer with more than 25 years in the handmade business- but I get frustrated when people don't realize how easy Etsy makes it for the artist. When I started you could either do small craft shows or pay a rep to get your stuff out there to sell. I was blessed and found a distributor to market my miniatures and had a good 25 year run with Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and mom and pop stores. Big chains won't talk to an individual and craft shows are very hard work. Today with the internet and Etsy you can literally sell to the whole world. Etsy even gives you advice on every imaginable subject to help you be successful. Personally, I just don't understand why people are complaining!

Those of you who read my posts on should love this pillow. (This post in particular.)

Keep your eyes open for the Yellow Bug Boutique cruising down Etsy Street at the following hot spots:

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