PIF Giveaway

I am all about some "Pay It Forward"!  As shop owners, we are always working hard to promote our beautiful stores and products.  We spend so much time on our own stores, learning, changing, convoing, that we don't have time to join in on other websites' giveaways.

So I had a wonderful idea to have our own giveaway!  It's only available to the Inside Etsy team members, but even if you're not a team member, you can still follow along.

Instead of giving away a certain item, those of us who would like to sponsor a giveway are just going to donate a $15 gift certificate to our store.  That way, no one has to give any more than any other person.  Also, the winner has the option to purchase more or to retain a credit in that shop for future purchase.

I keep a list of all Inside Etsy team members and use a random integer generator that will coincide with an auto-generated number for each store on my list.

In the spirit of "Pay It Forward", each winner will sponsor the next month's giveaway.

So let's get started already!  Here is a link to the Inside Etsy team, where you cand find the discussion "A Different Kind of Giveaway".

March 2011 Giveaway

Congratulations to Mukibubb!  She selected my vintage Coca-Cola colored afghan.


April 2011 Giveaway
Which item from Mukibubb's store will you pick when you win?  Choose from her applique patches, her adorable art dolls, or from her selection of appliqued pot holders.

We have a winner!

The winner of April's Pay It Forward giveaway is Beantown Handmade!  Now, one reason I love being my own boss is because I can do whatever I want.  Beantown Handmade has already participated in SEVERAL giveaways this year, so I invited her to still claim her very own giveaway from MukiBubb, and I will sponsor May's giveaway.  After all, that's kinda the point--we always do so much for others but never have a chance to participate in the fun.  So Beantown Handmade, shop til you drop!  Or at least until your $15 gift certificate to MukiBubb's shop runs out, lol.

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