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Even though I'm 33 years old now and have two kids, in my mind's eye when I envision myself, it is with the hips that I used to have, similar to the ones in this picture at right.  Granted, I never had a bird sitting on me while I was naked in front of a picket fence, but that's beside the point.  But not all moms are a slave to the sweets.  Some of them actually (gasp!) workout and eat healthy.  Or they are those girls that everyone is jealous of--the ones that can eat whatever they want and still stay skinny.  The rest of us are still waiting for that day when it all catches up to them....  Nevertheless, I will hold fast to the me of yesteryear.  I can reclaim that flat belly again.  Now whether I will or not is the question....  But enough about me.  Let's talk more about the naked girl with the bird and the woman behind it all.

At first glance, all I saw were the crows. But after going back through your shop, I took notice that you use other birds, too. Why birds?

"Birds are the souls of humans"--someone said that...I believe it.

I have loved birds my whole life. Corvids first, then chickens, then quirky crazy looking exotic ones.

I just got baby chicks and am a poultry judge. See my blog for chick photos.

Most Etsy newcomers (even ones who are painters) often have bad item pictures at first. I don’t see any in your shop, though. Have you had a run in with photography before?

When I first started out in the post college work force I worked in big ad agencies. One of my favorite jobs was styling photos.

My Mom said when I cleaned my room as a kid I arranged everything in still life groupings. My husband just bought me a "big girl camera" Nikon D80. So I am having fun with that.

I was immediately drawn to the story of losing your brother to Vietnam in your post . My own husband (who also deals in knives) lost his brother to Vietnam in the same fashion. The body came back, but not the mind. Are any of your pieces a result of this life experience?

I only lost his soul...he is still alive and behind "the Orange Curtain" in Newport Beach Ca. I believe that's the only way someone could live there is to have NO soul.

Nothing on Etsy. I did do a series of paintings and drawings that had young soldiers in the war with windows of myself (11 years his junior) at birthday parties, and activities I was doing while he was in Viet Nam.

Is it just you and your husband at home now?

Yes. My eldest is in Denver with my only grandchild who is 12. He's visiting "G-dog" right now. Loving having baby chicks to care for and lots of arts and crafts going on. He will make a knife with my husband this week.

I also have an adult son who has high functioning Autism. He's 23, engaged, and completely independent of me. I am so proud of him. He's taken one of his perseverations and turned it into a career. (again see an early blog post about him) He loves vacuum cleaners, and runs a vacuum shop.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you with your store? You seem to be creating quite a buzz about town.

I have 2 stores. ThePolkadotMagpie and PolkadotMagpie. PolkadotMagpie was in Parents and Baby Talk Magazine last year. Huge sales from that.

Recently Pacific Media contacted me about ThePolkadotMagpie and the items I am donating for Japan's relief aid through the Red Cross. They are huge publishers and have Better Homes and Gardens, Prevention, Family Circle. Those pieces will be on the newstands in May.

And I love how she uses the bird in her photography sets.  Too cute!

Her store over at PolkaDotMagpie has almost 650 sales and her store at ThePolkaDotMagpie has just been open for a few months but already has 49 sales.

Be sure to check them both out.  They each have their own "feel".

Now I'm going to go eat chips and salsa, even though it's almost 2 in the morning, because I haven't had any "me" time all day and you're supposed to eat your carbs early in the morning, I think, lol.

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