Cloudberry And Moss

Rules were made to be broken.  (At least that was my mantra as a teenager, lol.)  In order to bring you the best products and best shops, I have to hold each shop up to a set of criteria.  One item on the punchlist is that the product either has to be unique or be the best of its type.  (Like The Wishing Elephant--she makes baby onesies, but they're above and beyond the usual baby onesie.)  Also, excellent product photography, and great customer feedback play a large part.  Then we come to number of sales.  One of the goals of this blog is to show you successful shops or shops that are on their way to being successful.  So, of course, I have to look at sales.  Right now, CloudberryAndMoss only has one sale.  BUT what caught my eye is that she is a single mom.  There's no doubt about the fact that she has an outstanding product and top-notch photography.  She just needs a little promoting. 

One reason that I chose to promote you is that you are a single mom. I am married to a wonderful husband that I have two kids with and it is difficult getting it all done, even with all of his support. What is the thing that you struggle with most as a single mom?

Hands down, it's getting time to do the things that need to be done. My beautiful 5-year-old rocks my world, but it's hard work, raising a child on your own. I need to get everything done between the time I drop her off at school, until I pick her up. I work as an independent contractor on top of my jewelry business, and I find that to be a great fit for me. I don't understand how other parent's are able to have regular 9 to 5 jobs, given all the unpredictable circumstances that parenthood entails.

I know what moss is but what is cloudberry?

Cloudberries grow in the mythical Swedish forests, often in secluded and moist glades. They make great preserves and liqueur.

On my banner in my etsy shop, you'll be able to see my artistic interpretation of a cloudberry. These beautiful berries remind me of my childhood when my mom and I would take trips with baskets, into the deep, dark forest. They help me remember the wonders of being a child, and the legends that surround the vast, Nordic forests. Who knew what would be lurking behind the big boulder in the shadows of the ancient fir trees. Or if the fog in fact was a band of fairies making their way over the pond. It was all very exciting, and it still is!

How awesome to have grown up on the Swedish west coast. What age did you leave there and why California?

When I was 24 I met my Californian ex-husband in a little coastal town in the north of Spain. I was working there, and he was traveling through. I came to Oakland to visit him and - here I am - seven years later! Sometimes life just takes you places you would have never imagined.

You really do have a beautiful line of jewelry. I love the understated tones and the sweet simplicity in your pictures. Do you have any new pieces that you are working on?

I'm working on some longer silhouettes for necklaces, and I will be adding a category for bracelets as well. My felted flower pieces are my latest creations and there's a lot of unexplored territory there...felted flower earrings are next on my to-do list!

Go support CloudberryAndMoss!  If you can't make a purchase from her shop right now, she could always use words of encouragement.  Can't we all? 

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  1. It's great that the jewelry is creating with natural items, in addition to being unique.


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