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I have always been an avid reader. As a child, brand new worlds would be opened as the child in the story inevitably found her way to the attic. Who can forget that most awesome of childhood movies, "The Neverending Story"? Especially the part when he opens the window in the school attic and yells out a name, although it was deliberately obscured. I longed for an adventure in an attic! Any attic. But neither my school nor my house had a movie-style attic. My adventure was only complete through my imagination.

If you have an attic or just like vintage lovelies, Teresa Yates has two Etsy shops of vintage items. AtticRat is dedicated to stand-alone vintage finds, while CedarJunction is dedicated to vintage collage, assemblage, and mixed media. She is currently restocking her stores, after her recent gallivant across Germany.

Even though I had an attic, there was nothing up there but insulation. Did you have a grandmother’s attic that you grew up treasure-hunting in?

No, but it was very fun to explore at my great aunt's house. She had lots of interesting items all around her house in Oklahoma.

You had your shop closed for a bit while you went on vacation. Personally, I would have a hard time putting my shop into vacation mode, but I’ve only had my Etsy shop open for a few months. You’ve been at this for over 5 years. Have you had any negative experiences with vacationing your shop?
Mini Harmonica at Cedar Junction
I put my shop on vacation so that I don't have any negative experiences! I would really hate to keep my customers waiting for their orders if I am unavailable to ship them. I know that when I order something, I want to receive it right away.

Why did you choose Germany as your vacation spot?

My husband was sent on a project for 3 months and I was blessed to be able to spend a month there with him. While there, we also visited France and Belgium and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Germany was beautiful and I would go back in a heartbeat. It was very hard to leave.

Does your husband use his scroll saw for creating "for sale" pieces or is it strictly hobby-use-only at this point?

I sell his crosses in my shop when he has extra ones. He is usually behind on his orders from friends and family because his work is so popular.

Your second Etsy shop, or should I say your first, has been opened since 2006. You’ve been through lots of changes within Etsy. Can you pinpoint a specific change that you feel was the most beneficial?

I've been with Etsy since it was still its the beta version. One change that I really like is the ability to see a customers order history. It's nice to see the ones that shop with me again and again.

Anything else that you would like to add?

I am always on the lookout for interesting and unusual items. It sure is lots of fun!

Such a busy lady (and a pretty one, too)! Notice that she has a blog for EACH shop.  I seem to be attracted to fellow dog lovers and fellow Texans.  I think she's got a cat, though.

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