I am all about some form and function in my life.  Soapapilla's Shower Puff Soap takes soap on a rope to a whole new level.  I don't know about you but when I'm showering with my husband (it saves water you know!) the last thing I want to do is drop the soap, lol.  This is just one of the many fun soap products you will find in Soapapilla's shop.

How did you get started making soaps and body products?

In 2009 I was staying in New Mexico with my Uncle Steve & my Aunt Janet. My aunt had started making her own soap and very graciously taught me the art (thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Janet!) I was instantly hooked and inspired to push the medium as far as I could. I immediately started to do research on the best methods, best ingredients, and sourcing my area (northshore Massachusetts) for local suppliers. I had (and still have) so many ideas popping into my head for soaps. I started making the soaps myself and giving them to friends and family, which quickly grew into selling them at craft shows and now on Etsy. I have now expanded to include scrubs, lotions, and conditioners & I am continuing to research and experiment with new product development. I made it my New Year’s Resolution for 2011 to get my products in stores, and now Soapapilla can be found in Scrub and in Roost in downtown Salem, MA!

Your birthstone line is perfect for birthday gift sets! When will you have this line completed?

Pearl is June's Birthstone

My handcarved Birthstone & Geode soaps are some of my favorites! I have created a birthstone for each month already and will be completing the postings on my Etsy site over the next month. When I was a little girl, my mother worked in a gem & mineral shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, making jewelrey that we would sell at the flea market on the weekends. I would go to work with her and play with all of the raw stones, crystals, geodes & agates. Those memories and the Southwest landscape is what inspires the look for my Birthstone, Geode, and Fossil soaps, which are each very close to my heart.

Do the colored soaps leave any type of colored residue either on the body or in the tub?

Nope – no residue whatsoever. They create a nice thick, white lather that feels lovely and leaves your skin nice & soft. I use mostly natural micas, iron oxides, and ultramarines to color my soaps instead of synthetic dyes & pigments. This creates a pure, gentle product that does not stain– plus the micas give the soap an incredible shimmery, pearly finish. My focus on using gentle, natural ingredients is not limited to my selection of colorants – I focus on using the highest quality, skin-loving ingredients in every step of my soapmaking process.

Here in East Texas there are almost as many Mexican restaurants as there are churches. But for the rest of our readers that are not familiar with our Southern ways, explain what a sopapilla is please.

A sopapilla is a kind of fried bread commonly served in the Southwest, USA and Latin American countries. In New Mexico it is usually served after meals and you eat it with honey – completely delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

When I was trying to think of a name for my company, I wanted New Mexico somehow represented in the name, since it inspires me so much. When the name “Soapapilla” came to me, I just knew I had found THE name for me.

Which soap is the most difficult to craft into it’s finished product?

The most labor-intensive soaps are definitely my handcarved Geode soaps. But it truly is a labor of love! They go through so many stages and carvings to get to their final shape, but its worth every second of it. I get excited every single time I’m finished and get to cut open the soap geode rock to reveal what’s inside. Each one comes out completely unique – just like the rocks themselves.

How is New Mexico treating you this time around? Quite a difference from Massachusetts.

New Mexico is wonderful! I love Boston, and especially the beach, but the sun and the mountains never cease to inspire my creativity. I feel so lucky to have lived in two very different landscapes. I’m also getting the chance to spend time with my family members and I just have to thank them for all of their support! While I’m here I’m also taking the time to seek out some stores to work with to hopefully get Soapapilla available locally in New Mexico. And of course, I’ve been eating plenty of sopapillas (and green-chile-chicken-enchiladas, and tamales with red chile, and breakfast burritos…YUM!)

Any thing else that you would like to add?

Well, there are so many people I am grateful for. I have to thank my family for supporting me in my soaping efforts – even when I manage to turn our kitchen into a soap laboratory. I especially have to thank my brother, Luke – you have truly become a shrink-wrapping master! Thank you, Aunt Janet for starting it all in your “House of Wonders”. Thank you, Aunt Donna for recognizing & encouraging my artistic abilities. Thank you, Aunt Gogi for supporting me and helping me make my trips to New Mexico. Aren’t I lucky to have such a great family?

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