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Follow up post has been completed!  Now for the full feature on The Wishing Elephant!


I have to admit something--I never dressed my babies "cute".  I was so exhausted working 50+ hours a week that they were lucky to get a bath and be dressed in matching clothes.  But that's all behind me now that I'm a stay-at-home mom with nowhere to go except church two days a week.  And I like it that way!  I try be better about dressing them cute, especially my 4 year old girl, but to achieve maximum cuteness I would need to buy a onesie from The Wishing Elephant.  She even has onesies that are perfect for twins and triplets.

I don’t have any experience with felt, outside of Sunday School crafts. I’m just going to throw out a bunch of questions into this one and you fill in the blanks. Is it pre-treated? Does it wash well? Fading? Is it sewn on? Preshrunk?

I use eco felt which is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. I love this fabric because it doesn't fade or run and it comes in a huge variety of colors. I wash all of the felt prior to use to make sure any shrinkage happens before it's made into an applique. My appliques are backed with a very strong no sew adhesive. I ask that the shirts are hand washed and line dried - treat your handmade goods with love!

Are you going to keep the white onesie as your primary backdrop or are other colors on the way?

I love the white onesie. I think it's clean and provides the perfect backdrop for many of my appliques. I can't imagine the Etch a Sketch on anything else. This being said, I am playing around with dying onesies. I have a handful of hand dyed onesies with matching burp cloths ready to applique. I'd love to have them available now, but it seems that my 2 week old has something to say about that!

I normally don’t ask about shop names, but why "The Wishing Elephant"?

Did you know that elephants mourn? I find that amazing. Elephants are these massive ethereal creatures, how could you not love them? I also love wishing on stars. In fact, my husband kept his sweaty hand on my engagement ring until I said the magic words "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..." and then proposed. So, the wishing elephant is a combination of two things that I secretly find magical. My husband also designed my logo, which I adore (and does a pretty nice job of combining these the two)!

Are you working on any new items for summer?

I'm starting to dye onesies, and I'm always trying to find new inspiration. I'm desperate to make a narwhal applique, and I just finished a ship in a bottle. I also have a few monsters and fish made with Amy Butler fabric that are going to be hand sewn and put up on Etsy this summer.

The Wishing Elephant also has a couple of stand-alone iron-on appliques that you can purchase for your own crafting project.  Here is her owl applique, available in four colors.

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Our shop owner today is a little busy recovering from the birth of a new baby, so I'm going to go ahead and do the feature now then add the questions later when she has a minute to get them back to me.  The nerve of her having a baby!  lol  Well, she's got lots of supercute onesies to dress her live doll in.

Told you they were cute!  (But, thankfully, baby is not included.)  She has much cuteness in her shop, making it very difficult for me to just pick out two or three to showcase.  So get your "awwwww!" ready, cuz here are some "awwwwwesome" onesies.

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Congratulations, Carolyn, on being both a successful baby maker and Etsy shop owner! 

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