It takes a special kind of person to live in a nearly year-round winter wonderland. And it ain’t me. Although sometimes the East Texas humidity is enough to make a person insane, my elephant ears are kickin’! Obviously, SilverSmack’s creative flow is not stifled by all of the snow. (Rhyming unintentional. My brain must be in Suess mode, or so I’ve been told.)
Have you always lived way up there (Ironwood, Michigan)?

I was born in California because my dad was in the Navy, but we moved to "Big Snow Country" when I was about three.

Your profile informs us that you do a lot of gardening. What type of gardening are you able to do "way up there"?

We have a very short growing season, (having a snowstorm right now ;), but we manage to grow a few acres of fabulous sweet corn, a small plot of tomatoes, a medium-sized plot of red potatoes, some peas, beans, strawberries, broccoli, and some pumpkins and watermelons (but the deer really like those!)

What is the most expensive piece of equipment that your art requires?

Hammers. I love hammers. I never met a hammer I didn't like.

I noticed that you work with brass, copper, silver, and gold. Which metal is the most difficult?

Brass is probably the most difficult because it is the hardest and the most stubborn. Silver is usually very cooperative, but brass is a little tricky once in a while.

Are your rings purchased for wedding bands?

I would say probably 85% of my rings are purchased as wedding bands for men and women. I get a lot of requests for custom matching sets. There's something extra special about making something that a couple is going to use as a symbol of their vows. I keep that in mind as I'm making them and I put a lot of love in them too. :)

My own wedding ring is platinum with a beautiful pigeon blood ruby in the center with a spiral of small diamonds around it.  My husband spent a year, unbeknownest to me, having this ring custom made, saving up money, then having the work done as he could afford it.  Love that man!  So I'm all about a custom wedding ring.  Forward this article to anyone who you think might need a hint.

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  1. Thank you so much for the fabulous feature! Looks fantastic!

  2. Love your work; especially the way you combine the metals! Another winner Melinda!

  3. Very nice feature, nice to get to know the artist behind the lovely jewelry!!

  4. Lovely feature - great to learn more about this talented artist :)


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