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Surely I'm not the only one who wonders how does the bar of soap stay clean?  And my dad always told me it was made from dead horses.  Was he just trying to make sure I rinsed my hands good?  Or am I confusing that with glue?  Just a few more of the unanswered questions in my life.

Thanks to Mya Angelou for filling us in on why the caged bird sings and to The Bath Factory for sharing some of her soap-making story.

I have friends that actually buy pig fat and make their soap the real old-fashioned way. Have you ever tried that process?

Although I do make some of my soaps using the old fashioned cold process soap making method that uses oils and lye...I have never used animal fats. I typically use a mixture of coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. At this time, the only animal products I use are honey and goats milk.

How much of an investment would you say you have made into your basic must-have soap-making supplies?

My very first investment was less than $20 because I bought a "kit" at Hobby Lobby and was so excited by the results, I became completely obsessed with soapmaking! I then bought close to $200 in oils, fragrances, molds, etc. I am embarrassed to admit that I now have close to 200 different fragrance and essential oils, and about 75 various soap molds. I don't even want to guess at how much I have invested at this point because it just might scare me to death! LOL

Your biker bar soap is really cool. Are you into bikes? With these gas prices, I’m thinking we’re all going to be soon!

Thanks for your kind comments about my "Biker Bar". I am definitely interested in bikes. My husband, Al and I each have Harleys, and we ride every chance we get. We live in Hot Springs, AR which is a very biker friendly area with lots of beautiful riding options. I actually used one of our Harleys as a "prop" in a couple of the pictures for my "Retread" men's skin balm.

Are you wanting to grow your "manly manicuring" products?

I am steadily adding to my men's line-up of products. So far, I have shaving soaps, Retread Men's Skin Balm, and various soaps with manly or unisex scents...such as Yacht Club, Sportsman, and an upcoming one called Zen. I plan to continue adding more men's products in the near future.

The vanilla silk goat’s milk soap is a work of art! How do you get that "sepia" edge look?

Anytime vanilla is added to a soap recipe, the soap will darken with time. It always darkens from the outside in. It is a reaction from the "vanillin" in vanilla, and can turn from a light tan to a deep, chocolately brown, depending on the vanilla content level in your recipe. The soap in the picture was freshly sliced, so the inside had not begun to turn dark yet...but the outside part that is exposed to the air was getting fairly dark already.

A beautiful soap, indeed!  I always feel bad using my beautiful soaps, like lighting the real pretty candles.  However, at wonderful prices like what you find at The Bath Factory, I'm going to enjoy every shower to the max.  Now, if I can just find a way to get the kids to leave me alone while I shower. 

Where to find The Bath Factory:

Facebook fan page is at

And BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL....I am opening a new brick and mortar store in the next few weeks! It is called The Bath Factory and is located at 238 Central Avenue in historic downtown Hot Springs, AR...right across the street from the famous bathhouses. I am really excited by this latest adventure, and can't wait to get everything done so I can open for business!

Brick and Mortars aren't for everyone, but that is a perfect spot for her perfect shop!  I know that she will do well.  Lots of tourists, both on foot and on bike.

"The caged bird sings with a fearful trill of things unknown but longed for still and his tune is heard on the distant hill for the caged bird sings of freedom."--Mya Angelou
Not that Mya Angelou has anything to do with soap-making, but for those of you who keep up with my quirks, you know that I tend to wax poetic in the wee hours.  Something about the dark hours and ice cream.  It just does something to me.  And I like it!  lol


  1. Oh the soap pictures look so yummy!! I must have some of that olive oil and vanilla soap. Olive oil soap agrees with my skin and this one is beautiful enough to decorate my bathroom!

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