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I have spent the last hour going through Ryan's two shops (greeting cards and wedding invitations) trying to decide on images.  OMWow!  That was the most difficult thing I've had to do all day, including dividing one pizza up between three kids.  These are cards that you can put in a frame instead of in a box.  Every single on of them is a work of art.  I'll try not to get too image-heavy in this article, but I don't know if I can hold back.  Well, I tried, but I can't!

There are just so


beautimous things!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system for a bit, let's learn more about George and her pet human, Ryan.

Did greeting/celebratory cards play a large part in your growing up?

Greeting cards actually did not play a large part in my childhood, but art did. When I was in elementary school, each week a guest speaker would bring in a copy of a famous artwork, give a brief lecture, and then engage the students in a discussion of the work. I found these sessions fascinating. In my very early teens, I discovered Dada, Pop, Constructivist, Bauhaus, and Abstract Expressionist art. Modern art appeals to me on an aesthetic and emotional level more than any other art period. I try to incorporate a modern feel in my greeting card designs through the use of bright colors, playful imagery, and modern typefaces.

It is so refreshing to see Dads getting some props. What was your motivation for starting the "Dad" series?

The decision to design cards for fathers came out of the frustration of trying to find a decent card in the stores for my dad's birthday or for Father's Day. Almost every dad-related card involves tools, BBQ grills, or fishing -- which are hobbies my dad shows absolutely no interest in. I try to keep my birthday cards gender-neutral and create Father's Day cards that are fun, playful, and avoid stereotypes.

While my wife and I are not parents, we do have a lot of nieces and nephews that we love to spoil and have them stay at our home in the Milwaukee area for a weekend or a week at a time during their time off from school. I believe that the most important things a child can have is love, emotional support, and a sense of security. Whether it is a mother and father, a single mom or dad, or gay or lesbian parents, if they can provide those three things, a child will have a happy childhood.

When did you make the decision to separate into two different Etsy shops?

We decided to separate into two Etsy shops, and in order to reach what are two very different groups of shoppers -- general greeting card buyers for a variety of occasions, and couples planning their weddings. We had originally included our wedding invitations in our MANvsGEORGE shop, but we started to hear feedback from customers that the shop felt overwhelming because we offered so many different card and invitation designs. We decided that since brides and grooms have enough on their plate, offering them a separate shop with a laser focus on their wedding invitation needs would make browsing and selection easier.

I featured a dog-loving site on Tuesday, showcasing Beantown Handmade and their wonderful mascot, Bean the Boston Terrier. I don’t want to leave the cat-people out, and I know they would love to see your business partner. Do you have a photo of George?

George is actually a lady cat. She is named after George Harrison, my favorite Beatle. I picked the name with the intention of getting a boy cat but when I saw her amongst the other kittens, she had me. (You had me at "Hello".) I decided to keep the name because it is quirky. It does, however, lead to some brief confusion during her yearly checkup at the veterinarian.

How long have you been wholesaling, and what advice can you give to someone who is thinking about this option?

I have been wholesaling for about two years. My advice is to start local. It is easier for a buyer to take a chance on your items if they meet you personally and you have roots in the community. It will give you an opportunity to launch your wholesale product line, create positive references by providing good customer service, and help build your confidence and selling acumen. One important point to remember is that local buyers want their stores to be unique and do not want the shop down the street also selling your items. Be respectful of buyers' selling territory to avoid any bad feelings.

Make your next greeting card stand out.  Convenient packages are available, so that you can always have a card on hand.  Pair your words with a burst of color and beauty!  Snail mail lives!

Start your shopping here.  Continue reading by visiting Ryan's profile here.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share our story with your readers, Mama Melly! :-)

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