3 Princesses Engraving

One thing I enjoyed as a child was making pictures out of clouds.  And I still do!  When I look at 3PrincessesEngraving's Modern Circle Wall Art (available in other colors, too), I can feel my imagination gears start to turn.  The alternating color pattern is very stimulating, perfect for a baby's room.  And they would know about babies!  They have the privilege of being parents to 3 Princesses, all under the age of 5, hence their name--3PrincessesEngraving.

I found out lots of good information about the products they offer and some of the processes involved.  I also found out that Canada does not have Blue Bell Ice Cream.  Now I know that I will never live in Canada!  Even though they may not know about Blue Bell, they do know how to make good wood products for your family and your home!

I love your "obey" and "marry and reproduce" wall art. Did you have this experience with your own in-laws?

My husband was the one that came up with that one – ha! It was actually from the movie, "They Live" where the aliens are controlling people through subliminal messages. He loves B movies and everything geekery. He was a best man at a friend’s wedding and actually gave those two signs to the groom during his speech.

How do you ensure that the baby won’t pick up a splinter out of your wood teethers (lots of cute styles!)?

Sanding, sanding and more sanding! You wouldn't believe how much different grades of sandpaper we own. When wood is sanded just right actually shines. Plus we have three little product testers try our products out before we actually create new ones to post to sell. And believe me they are not careful with their toys. It is really important to us to be safe with the products we sell. In order to do this, we are completely honest and educated about the materials we work with. As a parent, I was actually very surprised to find out that in toys there are "acceptable" levels of toxic chemicals being allowed in toys. We both wanted to make something 100% safe and natural. The teethers we sell are made of maple, which is a safe hardwood grown locally. What could be better than the wood you get maple syrup from? As well it is a strong hardwood - only a beaver is going to get through it. The finish we use is all natural and safe as well--beeswax, olive oil, and carnauba wax. That's it.

Do you or your husband work outside of the home?

Unfortunately, Etsy isn't paying all the bills yet ;) Yes, my husband does have a full time job. He works for the government doing IT stuff. After five years of marriage, I still only have vague idea of what that entails. I am a SAHM to our three little girls who I nickname: Chickybear 4yrs, Lou Lou 2 yrs and Meatball 1yr old (the baby carries around meatball toy a lot and for now the nickname works LOL). I love being at home with them. And in our spare time we work on the business. It's busy but fun!

Tell me a little bit about your LazrInk’d process.

We came up with the LazrInk'd process through experimentation. I'm pretty sure we are the only people who prepare a surface and engrave it in this way. When we first got the laser machine we wanted to try, test and perfect as much material as we could. We first started engraving on marble and wood but wanted to find something lighter, capable of really great detail and we could cut to size with the laser. We tried artist’s canvas, but the machine burned through it too easily and the surface wasn't smooth enough. After lots of experimentation with different types of media and application techniques we came up with LazrInk'd. The end result is quite amazing, more like a pencil or pen and ink sketch than a burned-in engraving. Since we prepare the material ourselves we can make it any size and the material is only 1/8" thick so you can frame it and hang it on your wall.

(Wasn't that nice of them to use my picture?  Of course, that was before the two kids.)

I see that you have a blog, your Etsy shop, and a separate website. Who has the privilege of maintaining your online presence?

I am the online one presence. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy activity and creating the website has been all me. Not that it all results directly to sales but I think it adds to a business presence as well as giving the audience a view of yourself beyond the product which I think is important. I really love the community feel on Etsy a lot of sellers on try and help each other it's a nice feeling being part of it. I guess it's not all about sales but making friends along the way. Plus, patience is not one of my virtues. I wanted to be proactive and use everything at my disposal to stand out and make the business a success. It's a big global community out there!

It is definitely that!  Go visit all of the wonderful sites that the mrs plugs away on at the following links:

Etsy shop:  www.3princessesengraving.etsy.com
Website: http://www.3princessesengraving.com/
Blog: http://www.3princessesengraving.blogspot.com/


  1. And now really want to travel to the U.S. to try this ice cream! ;)

    I want to thank you for the feature :) It's so nice to have oppertunity to share. And especially to be chosen amoungst so much talent :)

    Tee-hee..and I couldn't have sounded anymore Canadian with references to maple syrup and beavers LOL.

    Cheers and thanks again!

  2. Don't worry! I've got other Canadians reading this! We are who we are -- embrace it!

    I don't think y'all have Ranch Style Beans or What-a-burger, either. You poor, poor soul. :)

    Beautiful shop, beautiful woman, why wouldn't I have featured you?


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