Pad and Quill

Look closely.  Do you see the MacBook in this picture?

Still looking?  Okay, what about now....

But Pad&Quill's amazing line of products doesn't just stop with the MacBook.  They offer these wonderful book-style cases for Kindles, iPhones, and iPads as well.  So ingenious!  But even if I had come up with this idea first, I'm still lacking in the carpentry/book-binding experience.  Thankfully for you and your iPhone, Brian isn't!

I have an HTC Inspire, and I would love love love to have one of your cases. Are you planning on expanding your products to include non-Apple devices?

We have looked at many different phones. The reason we are currently just with the iPhone is that the refresh cycle is once a year. We are finding that the android market is so fragmented with new devices coming out every 3 weeks that making hand made cases for this market is tough on a start up company development budget.

Since this is a family-operated business, who gets to do what?

Well...depends on the order volume. The last 3 weeks with the launching of our new iPad 2 case we have truly had some working family weekends around here! Let's just say the 10 year old has earned the cash needed to acquire the new lego set he's been dreaming about. Kari, my spouse, does most of our accounting and payroll and the eldest daughter works about every weekend helping fit cases. We have several great employees in customer service and shipping who have been a big key to our success.

Has your dog chewed up any of your orders yet?

The dog, a she-poo, has not chewed up cases, but has found it quite strange that I'm home during most of the week now. She used this to her advantage as her begging works well with me and about 3 months ago Mrs. Pad&Quill banned me from giving her any more cheese during the day. Let's just say she waddled more then walked....

Are you going to make any changes to your items or are you happy with the product as it currently stands? (I personally think it rocks just like it is!)

We are always looking for ways to improve our products. One example would be the new iPad case. We included a small rare earth magnet that shuts the screen off automatically when you close our book. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I'm always looking for new ways to make the design, feel and function a bit better. Please do not ask Mrs. P&Q about this character trait as the answer will be a bit more...honest.

Are you still pursuing your other businesses or are you focusing solely on this business?

I went full time with Pad&Quill late last summer. I left a failing start up that was unfortunately very damaging to our finances. The idea around this type of product line came to me a few months prior to my departure from the old start up. By the time the money was drying up, Pad&Quill was beginning to pick up. We see this little idea as such a divine gift to our family. As the two prior years had been very difficult financially and emotionally.

I'm loving the wood form that you are using. Did you give any consideration to using a foam form?

We have considered other materials then wood, but our signature feature is the russian baltic birch plywood that we use in every case. This plentiful hardwood so perfectly mimics 'pages' and has become our key differentiator from other competitors that we will be using it for quite some time.

Our overall passion is taking the art entrepreneurship and being great stewards with whatever gift of an idea is given to us. I'm not sure if Pad&Quill could have been more perfect. My wife is a classical literature buff and I'm a complete technology geek. It was a marriage...made for our marriage!

This line of products meets and exceeds all my expectations when it comes to form and function!  Just a wonderful work of art that anyone would be overjoyed to receive.  Durable, stylish, and made right here in the USA!  And with almost 1,000 sales in under 9 months, I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Visit Pad&Quill here to order your own bookbindery device case!  They are constantly relisting so if you don't see the one that you are wanting, just send them a convo. 

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