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I generally don’t post on Sundays (day of rest and all that Sunday goodness), but after coming across KnitzyBlonde’s shop, I wanted to give everyone enough time to get their orders in for one (or three) of her oh-so-adorable bunny beanies. Your little one will only be little so long, and you will definitely want to build your blackmail database while you can.

Not only does she stay busy knitting, she is also an extremely helpful and active member of our Etsy community as captain of SASsy Critiques and a leader in Team SASsy. That’s just scratching the surface! Read on to see how she makes the most out of her 24 hours in a day.

Wow! You are a busy woman!

You don't know the half of it! :o) I have another etsy shop as well. So I run my two shops and my blog.  I'm a leader in the Etsy Treasury team, and run their blog, and am a leader on the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team (SASsy), and Captain of the SASsy Critiques Team (which is an off-shoot of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team).

When you started the Etsy team, SASsy Critiques, did you ever think it would grow to almost 900 members?

I actually didn't start the SASsy Critique forum. It was started by Anna from Anna started the SASsy Critique forum as a place for the SAS mentors to give shop critiques and be easily found here on Etsy. I took it over as team Captain from her several months ago. I enjoy being involved in the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team here on Etsy, because I know how hard and confusing it can be when you first start selling on Etsy. And technology is changing so fast and furious it is tough to keep up and know everything there is to know about selling and running a shop. So, Sellers Assisting Sellers is a group of experienced Etsy Sellers that help other Etsy sellers with questions they may have about their shops and selling on line. The Sellers Assisting Sellers Blog is a great place to learn about what we "SAS mentors" do. I really do enjoy being able to help others succeed here on Etsy!

Do you find it best to keep a supply of your creations or just knit them as the orders come in?

I am a pretty prolific knitter and usually have 5 or 6 projects on needles at any one time. Most of the knitwear and handbags in my KnitzyBlonde shop are ready to ship, but I do have some items that are custom. And I am always happy to entertain custom orders. It's the same with my jewelry shop as well. I have a lot made up and ready for shipping but am always happy to customize things for people.

While I have no aspirations to be a professional musician like yourself, I do play piano and have a great admiration for all things music. Being an accomplished (and retired) professional musician, I’m sure you play more than just one instrument. Which one is your go-to?

Well, when I worked professionally, I was a drummer. I also play piano, guitar, ukulele, and steel guitar, but drums were my main instrument. When I quit playing professionally (about 15 yrs ago), I sold my drum set. However my 17 yr old grandson is following in my footsteps (being a very accomplished drummer himself), and I crawl behind his drum set on occasion just to let him know I still have my "chops". Mostly what I play these days is my iPod. :o)

She's not alone when it comes to the circle of female drummers.  This website is dedicated to female drummers.  Lots of women know how to backstick.  (My husband's a drummer, among various other things, so I'm down with the drummer lingo ; )  She may even carry her drumsticks in one of these nifty notions bags that she makes.  She may even use her knitting needles in place of drumsticks.  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right, ladies?

And what does the girl look like who does all of these wonderful things?  Just like this:

I hope I look this good at 57!  Seems as though drumming keeps you young.  But I wonder how her hearing is?  lol

Incase you missed all the wonderful links throughout the article, here they are again.

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend!  Be blessed!


  1. This was so sweet of you to do! Thanks for the feature. :o) And, my hearing is not too bad, even though I still listen to a lot of loud music.


  2. Sandie is such a sweet and helpful teamie! And she has gorgeous items in her shops :)

  3. So nice to read more about the amazing Sandie! This dynamo of a lady does such an outstanding job with our blog and other helpful things on the Etsy Treasury Team. I knew she was a drummer but had no idea she played so many other instruments! Lovely blog post!

  4. Great post about a wonderful Etsy seller!

  5. What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it and learning more about Sandie!

  6. Great interview - and a great lady! Sandie has given me plenty of useful advice since we *met* and I know she is always there to help.

  7. incredible cool interview and such an amazing person.

  8. I found you from the Handmadeology newsletter and I'm a new follower. Great blog, can't wait to read more. I can be found here if you would like to check out my new blog. :)

  9. I didn't know you are a drummer in addition to all of your other talents. Great interview!

  10. What a fantastic article about an amazing and talented artist! Thank you for sharing Sandie with us! :D

  11. Sandie! So wonderful to get to know you, esp the drummer part (my stepson is a drummer; his band just ended a series of tours, since 10/09!) I'm clueless about the lingo, tho!

    Love those bunny ear beanies, too!

  12. What a great feature on Sandie! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. She sure is one busy and talented lady.

  13. Don't look now, Sandie, but I think they like you! lol

    Thank you, everyone! I know Sandie is enjoying the comments even more than me!

  14. nice feature! Love your bunny hats, Sandie...


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