A Piece By Denise

I know that there are other coffee-connoisseurs out there that will relate to what I’m about to say. I look forward to going to bed, so I can wake up in the morning and have my coffee.

Blue Dunk Mug

Being a person that has very little money, I am very, extremely overly-cautious about how I spend it. So when I say that I am going to be spending money on one of these mugs, just know, my friend, that this must be a great mug indeed! The good thing about these coffee mugs is that they are great even without any coffee!

The theme of my shop is form and function, and it doesn’t get any better than these mugs and bowls. Not only is the concept so fun, but the color selection and the overall usefulness of them make for a must-have item. It’s a splurge that I won’t have to feel guilty about!

If you don’t like to buy things for yourself, this is one gift that definitely will not be regifted!

Soup Bowl

Not only do I love coffee, I also personally keep Blue Bell in business.  Check out her ice cream/soup bowl collection.

Being a writer, I always enjoy a good read. Not only is Denise a gifted potter, she is good at putting her experiences in virtual ink, also. Go get your boring coffee mug and enjoy this fun read!

(Denise’s responses are in blue.)

First let me say thank you for taking an interest in what I do, I love what I do! And thank you for asking to interview me :o)

Sometimes we are so blessed to have an "Aha!" moment, an "Oh my WOW! This is going to rock!" moment. Were you so excited when you came up with the "pocket" idea?

I wish I could take full credit for the pocket soup bowl idea, but I can't. I did put my own spin on another potter’s bowl that I saw at a craft fair. I changed the bowl and the pocket and made it my own, I simply expanding on an idea that was already out there. I do like to give credit when credit is due. I wish I knew his name, I would tell you.

Was your family supportive when you made the jump to self-employed?

My family was very skeptical when I made the jump into being self-employed. I previously worked in a job that I truly hated. I had moments during my lunch hour that I would call my husband while sitting in my car in various parking lots near my job and I would cry, well, more like sob. I was more miserable than I had ever been. I was good at what I did, and I brought home a nice paycheck. When I handed my boss my resignation, she refused it and gave me a raise. I stuck it out for a few more weeks and finally I gave up and called it quits. I couldn't take it anymore. I've been at this now for 3 years. I sell mostly online, but I do an occasional craft show, and I have my items in a local gift shop.

Do you have a dedicated outdoor area/shop where you do your work?

Not only do I have my online business, I also have two children that I homeschool. I’m about to give up on the idea of ever having a clean house. What are some challenges that you face working from home?

Oh gosh... it is a challenge indeed! All of my friends of course know I work from home, which means I am interrupted regularly by phone calls. My dad, who is retired and lives 12 hours away in Maryland is the best/worst. He calls me at the worst possible times; it never fails. I answer the phone after I usually let out a groan and then I hear his voice and he typically says, "I'm just calling because I need some sunshine" (that's what he's always called me, then I turn to goo and let him hold me hostage for a while lol. I can't help it; I'm a daddy's girl. So avoiding the phone, cleaning house, cooking dinner, staying up with laundry and getting my work done is very much a challenge. Luckily, my kids are both older (21 and almost 19) so my mommy-time isn't what it used to be, unless they run out of gas or lock their keys in the car, and they need me to save them.

What is the next goal your are trying to achieve? (It doesn’t have to be business-oriented.)

My next goal would be world peace, LOL ok I couldn't resist that. Where to begin! I have lots of goals.  Mostly like everyone else it's to become more organized. I did reach one goal this year already; I bought a new larger kiln, yay me! My main goal every year is to double my sales every year which means doubling or tripling my work output.
I think that's a good goal for all of us!  Maybe all of the insight from these interviews will help us all achieve our goals.

I'm sure she would love to do some custom work for you or personalize a mug or three!

Yes! I sure do, I have a studio in my basement, I call it my girl cave and I threaten regularly that I'm going to hang a sign on the door that says "No yucky boys allowed" LOL! (I live with my husband and 2 sons).


  1. Thanks again! I enjoyed it :o)

  2. Denise, I just love looking at your art! Look for a purchase from me soon--seriously!


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