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New Birth
Just take a moment and let the beauty of Henry Parsinia’s art settle over you. I pass by a lot of paintings on Etsy, but few of them have the depth and tug of Henry’s pieces.

When most people think of birth, their idea might be of a child passing from darkness into light. But when I look at "New Birth" I see the opposite, which is really often the reality of being born. You are separated from your warm, protected cove and thrust forward into the world, which can be a dark and cold place, if you allow it. I’m not saying that was what Henry was thinking. Just my own thoughts.

Here are some thoughts from Henry about his work: 
My name is Henry Parsinia, a self taught abstract artist in Los Angles California and I have been painting since 1975. I started painting as a hobby when I was just a teenager on a self-made canvas and I just related to the art so much and kept on painting whenever I had free time. In my work I realize artistic conceptions in the field of abstract expressionism. This form of art hasn't got limits or boundaries on languages. The feelings and emotions are more important than the regimentation and reason. I try to create an art so it is comprehensible and reachable for all.
After reading his responses to my interview questions, I wanted to ask more! But I didn’t. Instead, I just inserted them in with the rest of the interview, unasked, therefore unanswered, except for the imaginary dialogue in my mind.

One thing I’ve learned about Los Angeles is that nobody is really from there. Where did you spend your childhood?

I come from a city called Shiraz which is south west of Tehran in Iran and have been here since 1977.
What was it like growing up in Iran? Do you miss it, in spite of the ever-present turmoil? Not just do you miss your relatives, but do you miss the heart of your native country?

I absolutely love your creation "Hope". Works like these are always inspired. What was the inspiration behind this beautiful piece?

The inspiration behind the piece Hope is exactly as its name states. I think as an artist I can not lose hope and can not get disappointed for any hardship we face.

Was life difficult for you after September 11? I heard so many stories about unfair treatment. Did the sale of your work suffer?

From start to finish, what is the average time it takes you to complete one painting?

The time to complete a painting is all depended on your mood and size of it ,but for a normal piece is about 3 to 4 days.
How many unfinished works do you have that you lost the inspiration to finish?

What is your favorite creation?
All my paintings are somehow special to me but some more than the others and Hope is one of them and I hope it would inspire as many as possible.

For those of you who may be a little wary of pricing the works of your heart, please take notice that Henry is not lacking in the sales department.

Let your love shine!  If you love your work, so will others.

Check out Henry's shop, and experience falling in love all over again.

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