Old World Primitives

While doing my blog research (translate scoping out shops on Etsy instead of doing laundry), I came across Old World Primitives. One of my goals on this blog is to feature shops with unique items, and her shop definitely qualifies. There’s just something about the stubbed legs on her Primitive Cat Doll that makes me yearn to pull on them.

After reading her blog and her profile, there were some things about Stephanie that I had to know. I convoed her about being one of our featured artists, and she graciously said, "Sure, please do send the questions over! I'm flattered that you would like to interview me - thanks! :) " I don’t know why, but I’m always a little surprised when people as successful as Stephanie agree to an interview. I guess I just think that they’re so busy that they don’t have a minute to spare. So, thank you, Stephanie, for tearing yourself away from your cute critters to let us learn a little bit about you and your art.

I adore old houses. There’s a quality and style in the architecture and attention to detail that is impossible to recreate in our modern world. What was your favorite styling in the old house that you grew up in?

The wide plank floors and the ceiling beams. I also miss some of quirks like having doors with latches instead of doorknobs and the original, slightly warped glass in the windows. It's nice to finally have some closets and insulation in my current home, though.

Were your parents antique collectors or were they blessed to have been the beneficiaries of family heirlooms?

Actually if you have seen the History channel's "American Pickers" show, that's pretty much what they were doing. Roadsides, flea markets (we had to get up bright and early every weekend for them), garage sales (we NEVER passed one without stopping), abandoned houses, bottle digging (Google "bottle digging" if you've never heard of this one!), and being that guy with the metal detector on the beach.

You have a wonderful blog that I so enjoyed poring over. How much of your shop’s success would you attribute to this blog?

Thank you! This is a really difficult question for me to answer, because I never ask my customers how they found me. I'm sure that blogging helps my business, but I can't quantify exactly how much.

Every crafter has a most favoritest piece. Of all your whimsical creations, which one is yours?

Every time I make something new, it becomes my new favorite. (Or if it's not my favorite, then it's time for a do-over.) I think that's because I am learning and growing more with each doll or ornament that I make. So currently, a primitive wolf doll named Wilfred Wolfinger is my favorite creation, but that is subject to change any day now.

Adorable, right? I knew you’d agree.

We’re not the only ones. Her work has been featured in both Celebrate 365 and Prims magazines and is available throughout the US and Canada via fine gift shops and galleries. So it’s not deja vu—you probably have seen her work before.

For a closer look, take a spin around her shop to see more of her creations. Be the only one of your friends to have a decked out Easter tree featuring her chenille ornaments!



  1. Love the combination of old and new! Cute, creative items!

  2. PatsyOx - thank you so very much!
    And thanks again to Melinda for picking me to interview and feature here!



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