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Jodi is joining us today from Canada, so you'll notice in her Etsy shop her prices are like $10.52 USD.  Before I noticed that she was in Canada, I thought, "Well, that's a weird way to price stuff."  But then, being the smart cookie I am, I finally figured it out!

Jodi's photography style/feel is reflective of my own--a love for all things old, from the item to the color palette.  She's having day surgery today. Carpal tunnel syndrome perhaps?  She works her blog like mad!  I think my wrists are having sympathy pains.

Where do you find all of your vintage cameras? Or were these yours from your childhood and up?

I’ve always enjoyed editing my photos and I realized one day, while searching for actions, that I really favor those that give my photos a retro or vintage look. I thought it might be neat to skip that middle step and get the actual cameras that produced the look that I kept coming back to. I had also just discovered Lomography and was totally hooked on the toy camera look. I wanted a bit of both for my portfolio so I started to scour our flea markets, ebay and Etsy. I quickly learned that there are vintage cameras for great prices everywhere!

I found my Brownie Junior and Hawkeye, my 35 mm Minolta SRT and my Argus 75 on ebay. I stumbled across my adorable Brownie Bullet, my Polaroid 210 and my Kodak Anastigmat at our local ‘antique’ shop. I found some of my Polaroid cameras at our Value Village and my gorgeous chocolate Kodak Duaflex (I use for TtV) on Etsy. I gathered them up over the period of a few months. I did alot of research, mainly because every camera that I purchased was/is in working order and I needed to know that I’d be able to get film for them. After many emails full of seemingly silly questions to a variety of experts, I found the stores that I’d be able to buy Polaroid (Impossible Project) 120 (Henry’s, and many other retailers-it’s popular) and 620 film (B&H) at. I even, with the help of a friend, learned how to develop my own black and white film. Our local lab only develops 35 mm. Anything else I have to send away to be developed. It’s a bit more work but the results are just stunning and one of a kind!

Have you ever attempted portraits?

Yes, I’d say I started with portraiture. My family, for a long time, was my main focus. I eventually branched out and currently offer creative lifestyle sessions locally. I love maternity sessions and outdoor family sessions. I do have a small in home studio where I use a traditional setup if the weather is not cooperating!
Are your nature shots taken close to your home or do you have to go a travelin’?
The majority of my nature shots are taken locally-at our parks, lakes, campgrounds and in my yard. We do travel in the summer months and I’ve taken pictures wherever we land, but, I definitely love the Northern greenery.

What software do you do most of your photo editing in?

I do all of my editing in Photoshop CS5. I started with PS Elements 7 a few years ago, then upgraded through 8 and 9. I felt proficient enough to finally take the plunge and get CS5 – it is nothing short of fantastic. The freedom and creativity that it allows me has opened up a whole new world for me.

You also have a blog. How much of your time do you find yourself spending building your blog?

The honest answer here is easily a few hours a day. It is my greatest daily pleasure to sit and connect with my readers and to share what is going on in my life at that moment. It is also the hub of my photography business. I start and end my day with my blog-whether it’s answering emails, posting new photographs or jewelry pieces or just writing what is on my mind. I love ‘Living Life Photographically’!

I enjoy doing these interviews, because I love to learn new things!  Not only did I learn a lot about Jodi, but I finally learned what "TtV" stands for -- Through the Viewfinder.  Of course, I could have googled it months ago, but where's the fun in that?  I just make up my own words to fit the acronym.

Be sure to check out her blog and her shop!  If you are interested in being a guest blogger, just contact her for more information.

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  1. Neat, I studied photography and kind of left it behind to do other stuff, I have a Mamiya 220 with two lenses for sale, think I put about 2 rolls of film through it - $250 - if you're interested or know somebody who is. My husband bought it for me and it wasn't really what I wanted. Also have an old Pentax 35mm which I'll keep.


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