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Here comes the bride, all dressed in black. 

Seriously, I wore white at my second wedding!  And I was pregnant.  (Just barely, though.  Can you be barely pregnant?)  Um, hello, NOT a virgin!  Add that to the "It Seemed Like A Good Idea at The Time" page, lol. 

If I had seen this veil, I'm thinking I would have worn black.

If you keep an eye on the treasuries list, you are bound to have seen this veil.  It's a definite favorite, for obvious reasons.

Not only is the item stunning, but paired with this model/photo it is a head-turner.  One that will most assuredly catch your eye over the other thumbnails.

Before I go any further, I want everyone to shout "Happy Birthday, Marla!"  She's 60 today, so that's why we had to shout, lol!  I'm such a character tonight.  Must have been those 2 large mugs of coffee at 7:30.  Caffeine enchances my personality, and that can be a scary thing sometimes.

I was so intrigued by Marla and her veils that I sent her 6 questions!  Somebody stop me!  (Think Jim Carey in "The Mask".)
The pictures that are used in your black Noir petite birdcage are stunning. Did you hire out a professional photographer and model for this particular shot?

A customer who purchased this veil for a photo shoot (Alice Hu Photograpy) very graciously gave me these pictures. They're beautiful, aren't they?

I can’t help but think of disasters when I think of weddings. Do you have a "disaster" experience that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

A disaster, huh? Well, let me put it this way. I have learned a long time ago to not let anything be sent or walk out of a bridal salon unless I feel my best was done. I also ask myself if I'd want my daughters to wear the work I've done. This is such a special, hopefully once in a life time event, that brides have a right to want and expect the best you can do.

Which veil style most closely resembles the one you wore at your own wedding?

Actually, I eloped! I've always regretted not having a big wedding and I think I'm fulfilling some strange inner need by being involved in the weddings business for as long as I've been! I also do alterations at a bridal salon, which is another venue for selling my veils, fascinators, and jewelry . It's just fun!

Have you had any unusual custom orders? Brides these days seem to get carried away a bit with having oddball weddings.

I've created alot of custom work, and I guess I'm just getting the traditional, with a slight edge, requests. I have alot of brides coming to me with their ideas and requests but nothing too oddball. Alot of fabulous ideas actually!

Since this material is so delicate to work with, do you have lots of "oopsies"?

When I first started creating veils years ago, I was sitting at the dining room table with my old sewing maching (I have a studio AND a sewing room AND a fabulous new sewing machine now) trying to learn the lettuce edge for a veil. I wasted soooo much tulle. This edging is beautiful and soooo feminine but can be difficult to get under control.

How many orders do you expect to ship out for this year's June brides?

My sales have grown steadily thru the years. Each year has been a bit more than the last. I'm always looking for a way to expand or improve my work, and this year I'm expecting a 25% increase over last year.

Marla also sales other hair accessories for brides.  She has sold over 1200 of her products.  Make sure you do something special for YOURSELF today, Marla!

Marla's shop can be seen here.

Here is a treasury I did some weeks back that features her black noir veil.

'The Kansas Side' by MamaMellyMartin

Absence (of color) makes the heart grow fonder

Romeo and Juliet - ...

Vintage Vanity set ...

Retro Kitty Cameo N...

Noir PETITE BirdCag...

Glass Magnet Trio -...


Sterling Silver Bir...

Crackle Canvas I, 1...

Silver Stackable Bl...

Obsidian Dream Earr...

Black and White Dis...

Lucky clover earrin...

Vintage 1950s Moder...


Vintage 1950s Smith...

Book Of Hands Cover...



  1. Yes, I love that black veil! Really nice treasury too, but what's Kansas got to do with it?

  2. Get ready for your "Ahhh...." moment of the day: On "The Wizard of Oz" everything was black and white when she was Kansas.

    Say it with me, "Ahhhhh....." lol


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