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This should have been the first interview I did, but my life has a whole bunch of  “shoulda”s.  Tim Adam, founder of Handmadeology.com, owner of TimothyAdamDesigns, self-taught conqueror of SEO and most things internet, is now getting his turn to be featured here on Inside Etsy.

Without a doubt, Tim would surely be voted “Most Helpful” if ever there were an Etsy annual.  His giving nature does not begin or end in the handmade community.  It is simply an extension of the giving that he does on a daily basis in his home, his church, and his community—on or offline. There’s no luck involved when you work as hard as Tim does.  His success is well-deserved!

Do you consider yourself successful at this point? Granted, like mine, I’m sure your bar of success is raised everyday, but how do you feel about your business today?

I do!  Quitting my job in 2007 helped me realize that doing what I love and making a living can happen!  Sure, my business if ever-changing and evolving.  Flexibility comes with the territory of owning your own business. To this date, I am happy with where my business has taken me and the direction it is headed.

Unlike in my posts, where I constantly make references to my family, I don't see mentions of your family in your postings, other than the standard issue that you have one. (But I’m a tell-all kind of girl. I always say, "God knows the truth. What does it matter if everybody else does?")  Is your wife a stay-at-home mom or does she fly the "Corporate Woman" flag?  What does she think about all of these wonderful things you are accomplishing?  And if you just don't want to talk about your family, then we'll skip it, but I am curious.   It kills more than cats, I find.

My wife, Christina, is self-employed like myself.  She is an amazing photographer. Here is her site: Gracedesignsphotography.com.  I would not be where I am today with out the love and support of my wife. We have a 10 month old boy, Camden, and a Jack Russel named Sadie.  We live in a 1923 dutch colonial, where we mix our modern style with old architecture.

Why did you decide to make a hard-copy of your book "How to Make Money Using Etsy" instead of selling it as an e-book?

I really never was looking to write a book.  In 2010 the publisher came to me and asked me to write the book.  So making a hard copy with a larger publisher behind me was a simple decision to make!

Are you going to branch into offering affiliate programs for your book (and other awesome materials)?

We are currently working on an affiliate program for all the products that Handmadeology offers. We will be teaching bloggers how to make extra money each month from simply selling our top notch proven products.

What is the hardest part of being "Tim Adam—Handmade Etceteraordinaire"? (That’s my own personal name for you.)

I think the hardest part is separating work from family.  With work being one click away, it is difficult to get away.  I love what I do and I love my family, so defining that line between work and family time is something that I work on everyday.

Thanks, Tim, for all that you do for me and everyone else looking for a piece of that handmade pie.  You are truly an embodiment of what the Etsy community is all about.

Visit the Handmadeology shop on Etsy and peruse all of the helpful tools that have been packaged together to help you achieve success in your very own Etsy shop.

Tim can be found everywhere on the internet:

Twitter @timothyadam

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