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Stitched poem pillow
Also available blank or with unstitched lettering
As I was scrolling through discussions among Etsy teams, looking for something with an interesting enough title to read, “$20,000+ in Sales in 5 Months” definitely qualified as a ringer for peaking my interest.  You can either read the post over here at handmadeology or over here in the original post.

Let’s plunge even deeper into the mind behind MyBeardedPigeon.  There is more to her and her fantastic shops than meets the bird’s eye.   When you purchase from MyBeardedPigeon, you’re not just getting something – you are also giving something.  On top of having a wonderful product and wonderful code of social responsibility, the fabric used is exclusive to My Bearded Pigeon and not available anywhere else in the world!  Read on to find out your purchase helps to change lives.

This is as close as I'll ever get to the Bahamas.

It's hard for me to say that the economy is bad over here in America when people are still getting manicures and boob jobs, but the news would have us believe that the economy is bad. How are things over in Australia? Are manicures and boob jobs popular over there, too?

Apparently the retail sector is struggling.  Every shop seems to be having a sale at the moment and people are buying a lot online, especially because the $AUD is so strong at the moment.  I can buy a book on Amazon and have it posted to my house, rather than buy it from the shop down the road. Having said all that, I am not an economist but people are still getting boob jobs and buying flashy cars etc so.... who knows???

Is there actually a such thing as a bearded pigeon? Then there's the much more obvious question: why MyBeardedPigeon for a shop name? Feel free to blend the two questions into one answer.

Are there pigeons in Pittsburg?And those colors are astounding!

Yes, there is such a thing as a bearded pigeon.  It is closely related to the handlebar moustache pigeon but that seemed a bit wordy. Or, no, there is not, I just like beards, and I always feel bad for pigeons, they get such bad press, everyone dislikes them. You can decide which is the true answer. I wanted my shop name to be something intriguing... rather than organic cotton designs or some such thing. Lots of people comment on the name, in a good way.

You have a most awesome list of keys to your Etsy success over in the Etsy Success team (fitting I must say). Did you just stick to this list or did you do something above and beyond to get your sales to skyrocket? Or did your pillows just happen to hit the popular vein?

I reckon, apart from all the tips and stuff, I really just lucked out and hit a popular vein. Right place, right time. It is also a great gift for everyone, men, women, children, and kids, great gift for weddings, anniversaries, and momentos of places you have lived.... Also lots of big blogs have picked up the cushions and some magazines etc., apparently lots of people like maps. Yay!!

I do have a busy blog and am an active blogger , I post lots and visit other blogs too.  I get involved in swaps and donate things to raffles for say raising money for cancer etc. I have a much neglected facebook page, but I do not love facebook at all... I don't really get how to use it. I have a flickr account and recently joined twitter. That seems like a lot. It is. Spend small amounts of time on each one probably every day. Which brings me to a good point. I often see in the forums people saying things like "I have a life. I don't want to be on my computer all day." Well you don't have to be but you do have to check your email at least twice a day I think. However, if you don't want to spend time on the computer then you probably shouldn't be running an online business. It’s pretty simple.... and while I am on it, there seems to be so much whining and complaining on the forums - chill out people.

Give us a run down on why you donate $1 to microlending at

This pillow is not referring to the visitors on your couch.

I donate $1 to Kiva from every sale, because it is the socially responsible thing to do. I am lucky to be living in a safe country with a steady income, (I work 3 days a week and my husband works full time), and I can afford a $1 from every sale. During the aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake, where we have close family, I stopped donating to Kiva and donated to the Red Cross. I did the same for the Japan earthquake. I am thinking of switching from Kiva to Doctors without Borders soon, just for something different. I can keep reloaning with Kiva as people repay the loans, so it can keep going.

Now go return those pillows you just got from Wal-Mart, and buy some of Cath’s pillows instead!  At the very least, go follow along on her fantastic blog at

 If pillows aren't your thing, then surely you know somebody who has a baby who would love something from her second Etsy shop:  She even has an iphone app.  What will she think of next?  Whatever it is, I plan on doing a follow up piece to see how Cath handles tax time in Australia.  Stay tuned for the answer everyone wants to know -- how much of that money is she going to get to actually keep?

BTW, her shop is now over the $30,000 mark, only 6 weeks after writing her Etsy Success team post.  Whatever she's doing, she's doing it right!  Keep up all of your marvelousness!

Just Breathe treasury featuring MyBeardedPigeon.


  1. Linked here from raising homemakers. I cannot wait to check out her etsy shop (& yours, too)!

  2. Thank you! I love the raising homemakers site! And I love your name -- Sweet Apron. Cute!

  3. Great shop name and great product. She is doing so well!


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