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Valley Green Naturals has got it going on! Not only do they have dreamy products that cover the range of bath and beauty from head to toe, that have quite the "dream team" to back it up. And they get to create all of their body-safe, eco-friendly, and wallet-happy creams, lotions, scrubs, and suds in a beautiful old farmhouse in Virginia with acres of beautiful greenery to help inspire their creative zen.

I would love to see some pics of your 18th century farmhouse where you create all of you natural, organic, and botanical products! Do you have some you could share?

To see this and more photos, visit our blog.  The picture used here is the second one down on the right.

(Notice the resemblance to their logo.)

Do you purchase natural milk for your own consumption? Legally, it can’t be marketed for humans, but you can buy it marketed in different ways and drink it if you want. I’ve read all of the wonderful things about real natural milk and went to a goat farm and got me some! It was good! But too far for me to travel on a weekly basis.

We don't purchase natural milk for consumption, but we have talked about getting a dairy cow for this purpose. At one point, I considered getting a couple of goats for their milk to use in our products. The problem with having your own goats (just like a cow) is that they need to be milked twice a day, at the same time every day. With our busy schedule, that's something that would be very difficult to do. So, the goats are on hold for now.

Milk-based products for you and yours

We do buy a lot of other natural food products. We love farmer's markets with fresh and organic produce, and we'll travel 40 miles to buy fresh Amish butter in the Shenandoah Valley. There's nothing like it! Here's a link to a blog post I wrote recently about buying natural goods.

So Valley Green Naturals is co-owned between you, your husband, and another couple. How did y’all link up on this business venture?

Our business partnership came together when Valley Green Naturals began to really grow. Art and I couldn't keep up with daily orders, while taking care of accounting, inventory, supplies and marketing all at the same time. Our business partner, Mary Hill, is a longtime friend with whom I had worked in Washington, D.C. She and her husband joined Valley Green Naturals when the company was a year old, in 2010.

Who gets to do what within the company?
Mary takes care of all of our accounting and supply orders, which is a huge job. She also works many days in the Valley Green kitchen, managing production for the ever-increasing number of orders we receive each day. Mary's husband, Doug Hill, is an expert in online marketing, and he acts as a consultant in our marketing efforts. My husband, Art DeVore, specializes in Information Technology, and he manages our customer database, web site, and social media links. My job involves developing formulations for our products, studying ingredients, press relations, customer communication, shipping, and lots of work in the Valley Green kitchen. All in all, we make a pretty good management team!

Sometimes, it just all comes together in a perfect blend.  Seems they've got four-part harmony.  Maybe a barber-shop quartet is in their near future.  I bet that would sit fine with the folks in Virginia's Piedmont.

Regardless of location, their day spa package is sure to be a hit with the loved ones in your life.  Lots of weddings, birthdays, and all around hostessing are ahead.  Show your thanks and appreciation with style, while doing your part to help "organify" the world around you.

To learn more about Valley Green Naturals, you can hook up with them at the following locations:

Main web site:

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Twitter: @valleygreengirl


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