When Shannon Udell of MukiBubb looks at a swatch of fabric, she's piecing together her signature, sketchy-styled patches, pillows, potholders, and dolls.  She brings form, function, and funk all together to create some flair for your home.  After all, it's the little things in life that count--like having the absolutely cutest, funkiest potholders on the block! 

I love the out of the ordinary house-themed potholders that you have. Where did you (or why) come up with this outside of the box idea?

I developed the Su Casa potholder the year my oldest daughter went on her first mission trip to Mexico. The kids go every year to build a house and get to know the community. I wanted sell something unique to raise funds for the trip. The house shape was symbolic of the mission and, I hope a happy reminder to buyers of the good their purchase has done. Though my mission mom days are over, the design is too cute to quit and I absorbed it into my repertoire!

What part of your life would you describe as "crunchy" (per your profile)?

Given the choice, I'll go natural. My kitchen is stocked with homemade almond milk, kombucha, hummus, and whatever bread we've baked this week. I've taught my daughters (like my mom taught me) to cook, sew and generally do for themselves. Heck, my deodorant is homemade! Many the fabrics and materials I use in my dolls and patches had previous lives and still have a lot of beauty and use to them. It's that tactile, homespun sensuality I try to bring into my shop items.

Personally, I don’t eat avocadoes. I just didn’t grow up eating them, but I’ve heard they are delicioso. Do you have a favorite avocado recipe to share?

Avocados are a staple in our California kitchen. They have become iconic in my pot holders and patches. Lately, I love to cut them into spears and roast them for salads, but here's a sandwich recipe my mom and I love to make when we’re together.
  1. Cut a baguette into sandwich length pieces, split so they open like a roll.
  2. On one half, brush your favorite Italian dressing, on the other side put slices of sharp cheddar. Sprinkle with lemon pepper and broil to melt the cheese.
  3. Pull the sandwiches from the oven and spread avocado slices. Close up the sandwiches and nom nom nom! Note: This might just be the messiest sandwich you've ever enjoyed!
What type of photography did your father work with most? What was your favorite piece?

When I was young, I remember driving up and down dusty Gold Country back roads with my dad in search of "just the right shot in just the right light." I learned a lot about color, composition, patience and a sense of place back then! My dad's photo experience has run from portraits, to advertising, to abstract art to landscape documentation. He has recently picked up his musical roots and tours with his band. You can find a lot of his work at

So you survived California in the 70’s, huh? Was it a wild ride or were you just a people-watcher?

I was a kid in the 70's and in they were some very creative years. Sacramento was still sort of a small town back then and I recall exploring alleyways, churches and galleries while adults were busy elsewhere. I remember our home full of artists and musicians, and I’d listen in on a lot of wine-soaked conversations about poetry, ecology, theology and self-expression. There was a lot of open space and freedom then and you'll see that freedom echoed in the birds and blooms that are iconic in my appliqué and machine embroidery. Whenever you see wavy horizontal lines in my work, you can be sure I was thinking about the Sacramento or American Rivers!

Anything else you want to add?

Yeah, here's a fun fact. I can't stand twitter. Not as a concept or anything, I'm sure they are lovely folks, but it just does not suit my way of encountering the world. So just recently, I stuck my tongue out at the e-guru world and pressed the delete button. Come on over and check out my blog at or my Facebook page at

Or, hey, just shoot me a convo at my shop. I'd love to see you there!

Thanks so much for giving me a chance to share and for offering these daily artist’s stories. They are a real inspiration!

Thank YOU, Shannon, for being a willing participant.  I'm so glad I asked you all of those wonderful questions, because you had some wonderful answers to go with them.  And, while I don't eat avocadoes, my husband does.  Maybe if he's nice to me today, I'll actually make him some dinner tonight.  Sandwiches again?  :)


  1. Thanks for presenting my words so nicely. It'd such a nice thing you do - these articles in the midst of your busy life!

  2. Hello there Melinda! Loved this interview - and many of the others since you did me on April 11. Just haven't had time to comment before and didn't know what effect it might have on my own blog if I did. Have learned it might help - so am commenting here before going on to blog on my page at Hope you and the family are keeping well!

  3. Shannon, I really do enjoy writing the articles. I should be done prepping the house for sale by this weekend and can hopefully get back on track.

    Isobel, glad to see you are still learning, showing us all that it can be done, regardless of age! You go, girl!


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