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Well, now, I collect aprons but they're sweet little vintage aprons that someone's grandma wore.  If your MeeMaw wore these aprons, then you must have had one smokin' hot grandmama!  I picked just a few of her scrumdiddliumptious aprons to display, but you will definitely want to check out Dot's Diner and add some of these to your cart or to your favorites at the very least.

OMWow! These aprons couldn’t be any cuter if they had to be! Which one is your top seller?

Aw, thanks, lol! My top sellers are my car hop polka dot, and car hop cupcake aprons. I think people like it that they have a lot of black in them. Black works really well in my shop for some reason. I also make this style extra sweet with eyelet lace and hot pink ric rac. It makes me smile. I make a lot of pink stuff, I like pink.

Do you think most women are wearing these in the kitchen? Or the bedroom? Lol

I started this shop with the intent of selling costume-like aprons to pinup girls and burlesque performers. I am pretty well connected in the burlesque community, so I just used that base of friends to start my Facebook page. So, a lot of my aprons get worn on stage, and stripped off! Lately, a lot of young women who are starting their own cupcake bakeries are finding me, and ordering their "uniforms". I am so envious of these young ladies; I mean really, a cupcake shop!? Also, a lot of my customers wear them for sexy photo shoots, or pinup style photo shoots. I love it! I don’t cook, so when people ask me if they are good for the kitchen, I’m like, huh? Oh yeah-I guess so! Lol!

(Click here to see the full frontal of the Alice Apron.)

Have you had any great Etsy finds to add to your vintage kitchenware collection?

Well, actually, what I buy a ton of on Etsy is vintage fabric, and artwork. There are so many wonderful photographers and artists on here I can’t resist. I have no idea where to hang it all, so I just place it around my work space and stare it all. I use the vintage fabric in my aprons from time to time. My favorite thing to find and buy is vintage pillow panels. I use them to make aprons and my customers eat them up.

What did you do with all of those clothes you made for you dolls? It’s hard to throw stuff like that away.

Well, I don’t know, most of it I gave to my nieces years ago. I wish I still had a lot of those things.

How many different styles are you currently offering?

I usually have about 20 styles in my shop, it seems like I can’t get my inventory over that number. I have a day job, it is my curse. ( I work in engineering, doing CAD drafitng and circuit board design, I know, zzzzzz).

Any thing else that you would like to add?

Well, I am just having like a ton of fun, and trying not to be too obsessed with Etsy. Ha ha

The group photo is a burlesque troupe I was in when I owned my pole-dance studio, it was the most fun I ever had. I made all the costumes we are wearing- the troupe was for any age, one lady was like almost 60, adorable, we caused quite a scandal.

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Note:  The pettislips are not included, but I would like to recommend Swank Underpinnings for a custom order for your apron.  Her feature can be found here.

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