How to Create a Facebook Landing Page for Your Etsy Business

There are so many wonderful things that I wish I could take credit for.  Take, for instance, a Facebook Landing page.  This is yet one more marketing tool for us business owners, bloggers, and self-promoters.

What is a Facebook Landing page?

A Facebook Landing page is a blog or fan page where first-time visitors land first.  By default people will land on your Facebook Wall, but it doesn't really do a good job in letting vistors know what your blog is about.

On a landing page you can put anything you want, such as:

    Introduction of who you are or what your blog is about.
    An opt in area for newsletter or email list.
    A call to action to become a fan.

(Thanks, Jasmine, for that explanation!)

I have recently gotten involved in a different realm of the blogosphere, and even there I am finding great tips that I can apply to benefit my Etsy business.  (This other realm is known as Oz to some, but as homemaking/homeschooling to others.)  I am learning that there are plenty of Etsians who are stay-at-home/homeschooling moms like myself.  Maybe you’re one of us?  One such “us” is Jasmine at Far Above Rubies, which is where I found this post, which led me to Blogging With Amy’s full article.

My life has me traveling a new journey at this time, but I am still working my Etsy shop!  That’s one thing I love about my business—it can go on the road with me and my family in our motorhome.  I can just sew as we go down the road.  Talk about multi-tasking!   My new Facebook Landing page is a great way to incorporate my personal blog with my shop.

And, just for the record, I use Blogger for my Inside Etsy blog, Weebly for my direct online store, and Wordpress for my personal blog, and I gotta say that Wordpress is getting my vote hands down!  Read this article about choosing the right blogging platforms.


  1. Thanks for including ColdhamCuddlies and me in your blogs again Melinda! Sales still slow, but the blog is taking over at and am about to spread my wings into ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic for all those Bears, Foxes, Rabbits etc who have been hidden in attics, lofts, drawers or garages for years - and just want to live life anew! Life is exciting - hope it is not all work and no play for you.

  2. By the way, have a new interview due tomorrow thanks to Screaming Sardine with whom I was in contact via Twitter originally. Have two more lovely Etsians who are helping too - one on October 4 and the other is waiting for me finish the story of Ed Ted's therapy (am missing a vital joint piece) on my blog at the moment. Social media working is hard, but ultimately rewarding I'm at last finding! Cheers

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