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There are two things that I never wanted to be in life and that is an Elementary school teacher and a mom to four girls.  Not because I don't like those jobs, but because of the challenge involved in each of those jobs.  I tried my hand at being a pre-k Sunday School teacher.  We did more coloring than learning.  I grew up with four sisters.  I know the challenges that await, and I am not the mom to face them.  There are rules about locking your kids in their rooms these days, lol.  But the mastermind behind Precious Prints by LittlePergola is all of those things and more.

Nursery Art for Your Baby Einstein

It takes a special type of person to be an Elementary school teacher, especially in today’s crazy world where teachers have so little authority. Of course, the younger they are, the easier they are to teach. What grade do you teach?

I teach first grade. When I first started teaching 9 years ago, I realized that first graders have fresh little minds that are like little sponges waiting to be soaked with their first year of knowledge that will start their journey for years to come. They come in with knowing how to basically write their abc's and leave with making full sentences, amazing!

You referenced in a convo that you graduated on May 11th. Fill us in.

Mommy and Me Print
Yes, another one of the biggest days in my life was on the 21st of May. I graduated from New Jersey City University with a Masters in Educational Technology. Being in today's growing technology driven society, I felt like it would be a great investment to learn something that can support and aid our students technologically driven minds.

How has your recent experience with Heartsy been?

Well before it started I was excited and a bit scared. Only because it was a new experience, I thought it would be over whelming and that it would be too much to handle but once it started it wasn't as bad. Heartsy is a good way to get your name out there and hopefully have repeat buyers!

You are a member of lots of good Etsy teams. Which one(s) have you found to be the most beneficial? (And I’m not fishing for props for the Inside Etsy team, lol.)

Nursery Art for Your Little Man

Yes all the teams on Etsy are extremely beneficial and each is unique in its own way. I don't have a favorite but all the teams help answer any question and help Etsy members come over any hurdle they may have.

What type of printer do you use for best results?

I use an inkjet Canon printer, I feel that the color from inkjet printers looks more vibrant then prints from a laser printer, but that's just my opinion.

Raising four girls is probably easier than raising 3, since odd numbers tend to leave someone out. How do all of your girls get along?

I always say I have two sets of daughters. People say "two sets, what do you mean by two sets?". I have the two older set, 17 and 14, and the two younger set 8 and 5. Each two get along perfectly, but when they get mixed it's a whole different story!

Personally, it is so refreshing to see tasteful art for little guys.  Our family could care less about sports, and it seems like if you have a boy your room decorating options are sports and hunting.  My husband does hunt, but it's for the grocery aspect of it, not the sporting.  So thank you, Amy, for reaching out to us moms of boys!

A Non-satirical Print

I also want to put a plug in here for some of her wonderful satirical art prints.  They come e"quip"ped with the following phrases and advice:

Here is Amy with one the girls from her gaggle.  She can be followed through Twitter @LittlePergola.

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