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Recently, a lady in my community gave me some wonderful knitted dishrags.  After using them I thought, "Wow!  These are wondeful!  What could be better than these?"  After sorting through Piper Bella Boutique, I think I found something better!

Piper Bella Boutique sells these fabulous, stylish, colorful, and machine-washable dish scrubbies.  They come in all sorts of colors and in packs of three.

By your shop announcement, I glean that you weren’t expecting your scrubbies to take off quite the way they have. So far this month, you’ve sold roughly 40 scrubbies (3 in a pack). Are you stocked up or just making the orders as the come in?

I totally wasn't expecting for the scrubbies to sell much, I kind of decided to sell them as an afterthought and because I thought they were cool, but I certainly didn't really expect anyone else to think so! I really wish I was stocked up on them and that was my original plan, but it takes every moment of my spare time (when I'm not at work or taking care of the kids!) just to keep up with the orders!

I know a little bit about dish-warshing (haha, that’s how some people say it in the South). There were 5 girls in the house growing up, and my dad refused to get a dishwasher as long as he had so many girls! (I never thought I would say this but, "Thank you, Dad!") I did a search on the other dish scrubbies out there and, to me, your dish scrubbies do have the best design. Did you figure this out on your own?

I wish I could take credit for the amazing pattern, but I'm NOT a designer! I find most of my patterns, including this one, on a fantastic website called www.Ravelry.com  ! If you work with yarn - you need to sign up for it, it's totally free and has tons of free patterns! Some day I would love to try designing my own patterns, but I was born a baker and if you don't follow the recipe when you're baking and put in baking powder instead of baking soda, nothing turns out!
Over at Piper Bella Boutique, she also makes barrettes that are just as colorful!  Cute, polka-dotted ones!

How do you treat the ribbon to prevent fraying?

This truly isn't a big secret - I got the info off of YouTube! You just hold the ribbon ends really close to an open flame and the ends will melt! Sometimes I accidentally light them on fire and have an "oh no!" moment, but my house is still standing!

What do you use for the non-slip grip?

That is just some ingenious little strips of rubberized foam with super sticky backing that I put on the clip and it holds like a dream!! I could put these clips on a combover! (which my 11 month old daughter seems to have at the moment! :)

I noticed that one of the treasuries that you created is "Autism Speaks Through Art". What part has autism played in your own life?

I have been fortunate that I actually haven't had any personal experience with autism, but I am truly inspired by people with what the world would call "disabilities". I think the world would be a better place if we could look at it through the eyes of innocence like they do!

Any additional information you would like for me to include on the interview?

I have a true passion for crafting in almost any form! Every time I see a new craft I want to try it! I currently know how to knit, crochet, paper craft, poetry, make basic jewelry and of course hair clips, but I am constantly discovering new crafts that I want to try! On my to do list are needle felting, paper quilling, calligraphy, polymer clay work, papercutting, origami, drawing (I'm currently working on this and am not very good!), and sewing...just to name some of them!

As determined as she seems to be, I know that she will conquer them all!  Let's just hope she has a long, long life!

Links to Piper Bella Boutique:

Shop:  http://www.assortedmiscellany.etsy.com/

Blog: www.onlineshopspotlight.blogspot.com  If you are an Etsian and follow her blog, one item from your shop will eventually be featured on the My Favorite Things page!!)

Twitter: @PiperBellaBoutique


  1. LOVE piperbella! I just ordered some of her scrubbies, and I can't wait to get them!!!


  2. sweet scrubbies and hair bow....so fun...have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Piper Bella's Lindsey is not only a creative wizard but also a lovely person to do business with! Buy from her and you'll have the cutest scrubbies in town!

  4. Love the colorful arts that she has in her shop. I have personally seen the selection of barretts. They are cute, colorful and creative! Wish I was a little girl just so I could have many sets!

  5. Those scrubbies look great! Great feature choice!


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