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Having fun is high on my priority list, and I love looking at Penny and Paper's shop, because it makes me feel fun!  I dare you to take me seriously while I wear this purple elephant necklace!

Of course, I could always purchase a set of her mystical eye hairpins and confirm for my children that I really do have eyes in the back of my head.

But don't let my penchant for fun throw you off course.  She has plenty of elegant items in her product line, too.

Where do you get the images that you use for your broaches?

The images on the brooches are actually made from printed vintage illustrations, which have then been applied to wood and cut out. Some are actually photographs of an item, which is the case with the camera brooch. They’re a great find, because I can create necklaces, rings and brooches from them, and they have that unique vibe! I’ve made some hair pins from these as well; I’ve made a crown pin in honor of the upcoming Royal nuptials...I mean, I love my husband and all, but let’s face it, I’d leave him for the throne of England.

What’s up with the pig broach? Don’t get me wrong—I love pigs. I eat them all the time. But why a pig broach?

I like accessories, which have a slight degree of quirkiness to them, but would blend well into any outfit. I think a pig is completely unexpected, but entirely cute! Though quirky, I think he is understated enough so that people go, "Oh, a pig!" Rather than, "What is that on her coat?!" I could see myself pinning this little guy on my blazer as I stroll through an apple orchard or something, doing something rustic, like making butter, or a table.

You really have such a great, fun variety available, as far as the items you use to create your pieces. Your unicorn rings seem to be a customer favorite. I’m leaning toward the porthole necklace, but I’m drawn to that pink pig, too. Which piece is your favorite?

I’m aiming to have a wide variety of jewelry available, which would appeal to many tastes and styles...but I think it’s important not to create and sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself. I would wear everything! However, currently, my favorite is my Littlefoot Brontosaurus Necklace, which is inspired by my favorite 80s movie which I would watch as a child over and over again, "The Land Before Time." I also love the Artax Horse Cameo ring, named for Artax, the trusty horse in the "Never Ending Story," who met a tragic end in the Swamp of Sorrows. I think it’s nice to honor him.

I’m not a fashionista, and I don’t keep up with the current trends. But the way you are mounting some of your necklaces is so intriguing! Is this a new fashion or something that you came up with on your own?

To be honest, I actually have no idea! When attempting to construct a piece of jewelry, I experiment with various techniques to see what works and what looks good and is functional. I’ve only been creating since January, when I learned about Etsy while planning for my wedding, and thought, that would be awesome to try! As I continue to expand my repertoire of skills and styles, I find myself looking to see what people are wearing, and what might be "in". I think I’m more influenced by seasons in thinking of what to create thematically...while stuck in the unending New England dreary winter, I found myself thinking of the summer sun, and I created several nautical pieces. I’m a teacher by day, and I am looking forward to the summer when hopefully I can take some classes to learn from the pros some new techniques and ideas for creating!

I was going through your favorite shops (lots of goodies there!) and noticed a recurring theme of dogs. This site (All You Need is Pug) literally had me crying I was laughing so hard. Your profile pic is also a pug. Do you own one of these pugly dogs?

Well, I love pugs. Period. When I was growing up as an only child, I was always surrounded by them-- Gypsy, Patricia, Tina, Molly, Katie and Meghan. Oh, yes, they all had human names, with the exception of Gypsy, who was given away to my parents because she would not get along with her owner’s three chihuahuas. (I mean, really, who can blame her?)  These puggies became my sisters practically, and thus my pug obsession was cultivated since birth. Meghan is featured in my profile to honor her; she lived to a ripe age of fifteen! They are funny, adorable, bratty, obstinate and the sweetest creatures. Since I’ve discovered Etsy, I’ve had a compulsion to search for pug related material, call my mother to discuss it, and then favorite it. Sometimes I feel bad for people in my Circle, but then, I figure they must be pug people too, else they wouldn’t have circled me! Currently, I have a crazy looking mutt named Albie, who I rescued last year. He is my first non-pug, and it’s working out well...I like to think he’s part pug, because he is so lazy. His DNA is being processed (oh yes, you can analyze your Mutt’s DNA), and I await anxiously for the results.

Are you feeling fun yet?  Well, if you're not, then it's not Penny and Paper's fault.  If you're fun-o-meter is broken, then go get your own purple elephant necklace post-haste.  It's funner than watching a four-foot-man-eating-chicken!

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  1. Wahoo! Great website, thanks for the interview spot! I'm honored to be an up and coming feature!

  2. Where can I get the fabulous purple elephant necklace? I looked n Penny and Paper shop and can't find it. I collect elephants and have been told to wear purple to my son's wedding. This necklae is PERFECT!


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