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It's not that I'm biased--I just seem to find more dog-oriented shops.  But I do have a few cat-loving shops on the way.  As soon as I find some.  :)  Even if you don't like dogs, you are sure to love Ginger Oliphant's darling dog artwork.

To be fair, Going Places 2 does have a few cat products in her line up, which we talk about more in the interview.

Do you draw your dogs, purchase images, or shoot your own?  (haha, I said "shoot your own".)

I draw all of the dogs in my art using as reference either dogs I've taken pictures of or people have sent to me. 2 samples where I actually show the photo I’ve used can be seen here.  These were drawn from photos given to me by members of the Dachshund Team on Etsy. I also sometimes use photos I've found on online sites where people upload their dog pictures for free use by anyone.

We are a boxer-loving family. I waited 5 years to find just the right one for the last one that we brought home. She's a beautiful white female. She looks half-dalmation, though, because the Texas sun causes her to spot. Truly a wonderful family dog, as long as you have plenty of yard for them to express themselves in.   (Those are my two free spirits on the left--Jasmine, the boxer, and Gigi, the human.  My daughter's name is Ginger, also, but we call her Gigi.  Definitely the spice in my life!) Surely you own at least one dog and we would love to hear about it and/or others. 

After years of always having a dog in the house, we don’t actually have one of our own right now. We do however have three Grandddogs, Lofa, a black Lab, Locker, a yellow Lab, and Baxter, a rescued Maltese mix. They are willing and wonderful models for me and you will see them periodically throughout my shop. I’ve found that dogs work very cheaply and are overjoyed to be paid with a hugs, kisses and dog treats!

My very first dog was a Boxer named Mitsy and later another named Rex. They were wonderful family dogs. We’ve had a sweet Schnauzer named Misty for 13 years and crazy Wire Haired Fox Terrier called Jamie who kept the squirrels out of the yard as well as providing hours of entertainment and love.

Do you get requests for other dogs that you don't currently offer? (Is there a quick reference list of what the breeds you do offer?)

Yes I do get requests. In the cases where I don’t have the breed they are looking for, I just ask that they send several photos of the dog and will draw it at no extra charge as long as I feel it will be something I can use in my shop. I get the cutest pictures that way. I did one recently for someone wanting one of a Catahoula Leopard Dog, which had just recently passed away. I don’t have an actual list of the different breeds I have on Etsy, but it works really well to type into the search area (in my shop) the breed you are looking for. If I have it available, each different version will pop up. I’m in currently in the process of putting a website together for my wholesale customers (current and future) where it will be much easier to view at a glance rather than clicking on each individual thumbnail on Etsy. Here, I’ll have the designs alphabetical as well as by category or theme. But that is a work in progress. You can see it ‘as is’ by visiting www.inspirationaldog.com.

I see that you are doing a little branching off into the world of cat-lovers. Are you going to offer different cat breeds also?

I’ve had a number of requests for cats and will gradually be adding more as I have time. I don’t have many pictures, so if any of your readers have some they’d like to make available, please send them to me!

On your profile you state that you dog-sit. What are the going rates for dog-sitting these days?

Our dog sitting services are limited to relatives only ~ speaking of our Granddogs specifically. And of course, as those of you know with Grandchildren, the going rate is FREE!

Her artwork can be purchased for framing, as a magnet, as a card, or as a pocket mirror!

Here is a picture of Mrs. Ginger Oliphant and where she can be found:

Other: in the works ~ http://www.inspirationaldog.com/

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  1. I'm another pet lover but even if I weren't I'd appreciate your witty and inspirational work!


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