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Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky, Buckwheat, Froggy, Porky, Wheezer, and Petey, to name a few.  All of you young Etsians who are wondering who those people are will just have to google "The Little Rascals", if you don't know what I'm talking about.  This was back many moons ago, when TV shows were in black and white and actors didn't get paid royalties.  (The image at left was a movie based on the original television series)  "What in the world does this have to do with BullyPaws?", you might ask.  Petey was a part of the gang, but he wasn't a kid.  Petey was their pet pit bull.  And he's not the only famous pit bull.  Click here to learn more about famous pits.

I was attacked by my dad's dog when I was three.  It nearly killed me.  AND IT WASN'T A PIT BULL!  Everytime you hear of a dog attack in the news, it was a "pit bull" or "pit bull mix".  After my near-death experience, I was terrified of dogs, regardless of the breed.  This was a problem, because my grandmother bred dogs--chihuahuas, dachsunds, poodles, and yorkies.  I carried this fear into my adult life, until at 20 when I bought a puppy Rottweiler and fell in love.  He was a wonderful dog!

Since that time, I have owned several large breed dogs, mostly bulldogs.  A bulldog doesn't just mean "pit bull".  We currently have a beautiful, white boxer.  They're like overgrown Boston Terriers, but most boxers don't bark, thankfully, unless they are alerting you.  That's our beautiful girl, Jasmine, to the right.  She sits, stays, rolls over, and stands all with hand commands.  Super intelligent dog!

Let's learn a little bit about BullyPaws mascot and shop.

Unfortunately, pit bulls have been bred beyond their original intent and have little resemblance to their origin, except for their loyalty to their families. Having owned pit bulls, I am all too familiar with the judgment that is passed against them and against their owner. Tell us a little bit about your own pit bull.

I adopted my Pit Bull from "Home at Last Rescue" in Berkeley, CA. She was about a year and a half old at the time. I found her online, and her picture was gorgeous. She loves all people, big and small, young and old! She has her Canine Good Citizen certificate and has done lots of training and knows a few tricks. She's a great dog, and such a goofball!

In your profile, you stated that you also have a cat. How do those two get along?

Famously! My Pit Bull absolutely LOVES cats, and won't even chase stray or roaming cats. She is so good with them. I have fostered 3 kittens this past year, and she even let one of them nurse on her!

You seem to be a pretty busy girl--college, working at the shelter, web design, and running an Etsy shop. Are you single or do you have a gaggle of children that also demand your attention?

I am single, just a student with my pack of animals. Etsy is really just a "side job" for now. My volunteer work is done at home, and my web design/graphic design/print design business hasn't really taken off yet, as I am still working on that process. So I'm really not as busy as it seems!

Right now your shop is split between damask-centered objects and doggie doo-dads. Are you going to keep them under the same roof or split your shop?
I'm going to keep them under the same roof for now. Maybe, if this shop gets more recognition, maybe get some more sales, (a lot more!) I may start another. But I think Damask and Dogs go hand in hand! I may even collaborate the two and make damask print dog silhouettes! (Idea courtesy of MamaMellyMartin!)

BullyPaws submitted the work below to the Handmade Top 10 Pet Accessories list and claimed spot 3!

If you are a doggie lover or are looking for a gift for someone who is, give BullyPaws shop a browse.

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